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Private Paterntiy Testing provides the same peace of mind as a legal paternity test, but the process is simpler

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Private Paternity DNA Testing

The private paternity test process differs from a legal test only in terms of the sample collection. In a private test, those tested can collect their own DNA samples, in the privacy of your own home. We’ll send you a DNA sample collection kit containing every thing you need, including easy-to-follow instructions for collecting DNA.

The DNA collection kit provides you with swab envelopes and cheek swabs for each person participating in the test. The collection procedure is simple; you only have to do the following:

  1. Label a swab envelope for the first person you are collecting samples from.
  2. Take one swab from the plastic packet and rub it against the inside cheek of the person.
  • There will be four swabs per person provided, so don’t be afraid of making a mistake; you can use two swabs for the left cheek and two swabs for the right cheek.
  1. Place the used swabs in the paper buccal swab envelope (NOT in the plastic wrapper).
  2. Collect samples from everyone participating in the test following the same procedures.
  3. Enclose the swab envelopes in the business reply envelope provided.
  4. Mail the samples back to our laboratory.

You can order online or call 1-888-362-9814 to start the testing process. With only a $20 deposit, we will send you a free DNA sample collection kit. After collecting the cheek samples, simply send them back with your payment.

When we receive all samples in the laboratory, skilled DNA technicians will process your samples and use the industry’s most stringent and reliable procedures to test your samples. Read more about our laboratory.

Please remember that results of a private paternity test cannot be used in a legal situation. This is because the sample collection procedure does not follow a strict chain of custody, which vouches for the identities of the persons being tested. If you need a test to provide legal evidence, please visit our Legal Paternity Testing Process page.